New Taipei daycare center caregiver filmed beating baby with spatula

New Taipei City daycare center caregiver caught on camera beating 1-year-old baby with wooden spatula

Screenshot of video showing caregiver beat child with spatula.

Screenshot of video showing caregiver beat child with spatula.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A video was released at a press conference today showing caregivers beating small toddlers at a daycare center in New Taipei City.

Several caregivers at a daycare center in New Taipei City's Yonghe District have been accused of beating the toddlers in their school for up to half a year. Today, the parents of the victims joined New Taipei City councilor Chang Wei-chien (張維倩) in holding a press conference to present evidence of the alleged abuse.

In the video, one caregiver can be seen shaking a toddler to force the child to stand up, before it cuts to another caregiver beating a screaming one-year-old toddler's feet with a wooden spatula. Later the video shows a caregiver shove a toddler into a cabinet and beat the child with a wooden spatula.

Screenshot of footage showing caregiver shake baby. (Footage from Chang Wei-chien)

The Department of Social Welfare said that an immediate investigation is being conducted to verify the actual punishment and to suspend the business.

The parents of the victims said they spent NT$20,000 a month to send their children to the daycare center (淯馨幼兒園&淯薪托嬰中心), but they were abused by "these horrible and disgusting caregivers," who inflicted physical and mental injuries to the children, reported CNA. They asked authorities to severely punish these disgraceful workers and deliver justice for the children and parents.

Starting from November of last year, the parents started to notice that their children were becoming more and more afraid of going to nursery. At first, they believed the teachers' explanations that the students were still adapting to the environment.

Screenshot of footage showing caregiver hit baby with spatula. (Footage from Chang Wei-chien)

However, the children's reluctance to going to the nursery had become more and more obvious. In one case, after child had come home with an ear inury, the manager of the center said that it occurred when playing with a toy.

The parents found the explanation suspicious and demanded access to surveillance camera footage. However, they were denied by management on the grounds that the "storage time limit on the footage had expired and it had been deleted," reported TVBS.

It was not until a former employee leaked the surveillance camera footage to one of the parents that the full extent of the abuse was revealed.

Google Maps view of the outside of the daycare center.

Chang said that children under the age of two are not able to express themselves at all, and asked, "How could the staff members have the heart to abuse them?" Chang asked the Department of Social Welfare to immediately implement an evaluation and elimination mechanism for daycare centers that are reported for abuses, according to the report.

The director of the nursery, Summer Hsia (夏), publicly bowed to apologize, but using a "tough tone of voice," she only admitted that she and other daycare center staff had "lost control of their emotions," but did not commit "child abuse," reported Apple Daily. Instead, she lashed out at the media saying, "What else do you want? Could you tell me what you want?"

Department of Social Welfare Section Chief Lin Hsiu-sui (林秀穗) said that her department would immediately launch an administrative investigation of the center. If they are found to be in violation of the Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act (兒童及少年福利與權益保障法), Lin said that not only would a fine of NT$60,000 to NT$360,000 be imposed on the abusive staff members, but also the perpetrators would be barred from working in daycare centers in the future, reported SETN.

Manager of the school Summer Hsia. (Photo from

Lin also said the daycare center itself would be investigated and if it was found to be at fault, it would shut down and parents would be assisted in finding a new facility.

Interior of daycare center. (Photo from

Interior of daycare center. (Photo from

Interior of daycare center. (Photo from