Olympic water polo champion Antal Bolvari dies at 86

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Antal Bolvari, a two-time Olympic water polo champion who scored a goal in Hungary's famous 4-0 win over the Soviet Union in the "Blood in the Water" match at the 1956 Melbourne Games, has died. He was 86.

Bolvari, who also won gold at the 1952 Olympics, died Tuesday in the hospital after a long, undisclosed illness, his family said.

The Olympic match against the Soviet Union, just weeks after the Soviets crushed the 1956 Hungarian uprising, turned violent and became known as the "Blood in the Water" match after Hungarian player Ervin Zador bled profusely from cuts around his right eye after being punched by an opponent.

After his playing career, Bolvari coached Hungarian club teams, as well as Hungary's junior and senior national squads. He was also an officer in the Hungarian army, dedicated to sports.


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