Taiwan arrests two pickpockets from China at Taipei 101

A third suspect escaped, police say

Police arrested two pickpockets from China at Taipei 101.

Police arrested two pickpockets from China at Taipei 101. (By CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Police arrested two members of a gang of pickpockets from China at the Taipei 101 shopping mall, but a third one got away, reports said Tuesday.

The group had attracted the attention of the authorities during an earlier visit last year, but had been able to leave the country, the Central News Agency reported.

During analysis of potential perpetrators at popular tourist sites such as the National Palace Museum and Taipei 101, police became aware of a three-member gang of pickpockets from China.

They recently found out that the three men, named Gong (龔), 43, Chen (陳) and Li (黎), both 56, had re-entered the country via Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on tourist visas.

On January 3, they were spotted at Taipei 101 stealing wallets from tourists, and that’s when police apprehended Gong and Chen, though Li escaped and left Taiwan the same day, CNA reported.

Gong had already been arrested once before, for a failed attempt to steal the wallet of a Japanese tourist on Taipei City’s Yongkang Street on December 30, before being deported.