Southern Taiwan's Kaohsiung Intl world's most punctual mid-sized airport in 2018

A report assessing flight data from the world's airports in 2018 was released by VariFlight at the start of the new year

Kaohsiung International Airport viewed from above

Kaohsiung International Airport viewed from above (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Among the world’s medium-sized airports, Kaohsiung International Airport was recognized as the leading airport in On-Time Performance (OTP) for the year of 2018.

The aviation data technology provider, VariFlight, released their annual report last week which found Kaohsiung Airport’s performance to be the most punctual among the world’s medium sized airports.

Among the top 10 airports listed in the category, four of them were Japanese with Sendai airport and Miyazaki airport in second and third place respectively, along with Nagoya airport in sixth and Kagoshima airport in seventh place.

The U.S. state of Hawaii also boasts two airports on the list with Kona Airport in fifth place and Kahului airport in ninth, according to the press release.

The report defines “punctuality” as “flights that departed or arrived within 30 minutes” of the flight’s scheduled time. The report assessed data for the entire year’s flights at each airport in 2018, from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.