Taiwan finds illegal Vietnamese worker hiding inside refrigerator

Man had been staying in Taiwan for more than 1200 days

Police in Taichung found an illegal Vietnamese worker hiding inside a refrigerator.

Police in Taichung found an illegal Vietnamese worker hiding inside a refrigerator. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - During the government campaign to locate more than 100 missing Vietnamese, police found a Vietnamese man hiding inside a refrigerator, reports said Tuesday.

Last month, 152 Vietnamese who had arrived in Kaohsiung in different tour groups supposedly to travel around Taiwan went missing within an hour after checking into their hotel. Their disappearance was widely believed to have been arranged by organized crime in order to provide employers with cheap illegal labor.

On Tuesday, police found four members of the tour groups and four other illegal Vietnamese workers in the Wuqi District of Taichung, the Central News Agency reported.

After having observed a van taking Vietnamese from Hsinchu down to Taichung, government agents entered a building in Wuqi and found four tour group members and three other illegal workers. When they heard sounds coming out of a refrigerator, they opened its door and discovered another illegal Vietnamese worker hiding inside, CNA reported.

The man, 1 meter 60 tall and weighing 50 kilos, had been on the run from the authorities for 1,278 days, police said. He had been responsible for asking a local car dealer to pick up the four tourists, CNA reported.

The National Immigration Agency said last Friday it would pay NT$4,000 (US$129) for information leading to the capture of the 113 Vietnamese citizens still missing from the tour groups last month.