US National Security Council spokesman expresses support for Taiwan

The NSC spokesman and special assistant to President Trump, Garrett Marquis, stated on Twitter that the US rejects the use of force by Beijing

Garret Marquis, images from Twitter, White House

Garret Marquis, images from Twitter, White House

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On Jan. 5, a spokesman for the National Security Council of the Trump Administration, Garrett Marquis, expressed Washington’s support Taiwan, and the administration’s rejection of Beijing threats to use force against the people of Taiwan.

Marquis shared a link to a Jan. 2 Wall Street Journal article entitled “Taiwan Leader Rejects Unification Under Heightened Pressure From China’s Xi,” which discussed the recent statements from Xi Jinping, and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen’s rejection of Beijing’s “one country, two systems” proposal.

Marquis shared two tweets declaring that Beijing should “stop its coercion and resume dialogue” with Taiwan’s democratically elected government.

In response to Marquis’ tweets, on Jan. 8, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared the tweets and expressed gratitude for the support from Washington.

Taiwan's representative office to the United States has also expressed gratitude for U.S. support following the threats from Beijing. Their statement emphasized Tsai's declaration of a "Taiwan consensus" and her assertion that Taiwanese people will not allow their hard won democracy to be threatened or compromised by the communist government in Beijing, reports CNA.