Update: Pig carcass spotted in downtown Taipei

Dead pig reported in Taipei's central Da'an District, results on African swine fever due in two days

(Image from TCAPO)

(Image from TCAPO)

Update: 01/09 5:40 p.m.

The Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine (BAPHIQ) on Tuesday (Jan. 8) announced that the dead musk pig, which weighed over 180 kilograms, has tested negative for African swine fever (ASF).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A pig carcass was discovered in the heart of Taipei City on Monday (Jan. 7), heightening fears that African swine fever (ASF) could have spread to Taiwan.

According to local media reports, the Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) confirmed that a musk pig (麝香豬) had been discovered on Monday in Taipei's Da'an District. TCAPO believes that the pig was kept as a pet by a homeless person.

TCAPO said that the pig carcass was slightly bloated and the abdomen had red spots. It was judged that it had been dead for some time and was sent to the Council of Agriculture National Institute for Animal Health in Tamsui to clarify the cause of death, with the results due on Jan. 10.

According to TCAPO, the pig was found at Lane 632, Section 3 of Heping East Road in Taipei's Da'an District, reported China Times. TCAPO personnel were quickly dispatched to the scene, which they cordoned off before carefully sealing and removing the carcass from the area.

TCAPO personnel inspect carcass. (Image from TCAPO)

Disinfection was carried out on the surrounding area and a survey was carried out to determine if any pig farms where nearby. A preliminary investigation confirmed the presence of 50 pigs being raised in a livestock farm three kilometers away at the College of Bioresources and Agriculture at National Taiwan University.

Chiang Wen-chuan (江文全), chief of the COA's animal protection division told CNA that the Animal Welfare Act (動物保護法) prohibits the maltreatment and consequent death of pets. In addition, if a pet owner improperly disposes of the animal's carcass, they could be fined between NT$1,200 (US$38) to NT$6,000 (US$194) for violating the Waste Disposal Act (廢棄物清理法).

If the pet owner is found to be in violation of the Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Diseases (動物傳染病防治條例規定), they could face fines of between NT$50,000 and NT$1 million.

Below is a map of the location where the pig was found: