Awe-inspiring balloon art by Taiwanese high school student blows netizens away

The student spent 20 hours making the lifelike Qilin beast

A 'Qilin' balloon artwork (Photo/FB Hung's Balloon Workshop)

A 'Qilin' balloon artwork (Photo/FB Hung's Balloon Workshop)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A photo of a balloon art installation styled as an ancient Chinese mythical creature by a junior high school student, surnamed Hung (洪), has wowed a great number of netizens and garnered more than 48,000 likes after it was posted on the Facebook community 報廢公社.

The artwork, titled Qilin (麒麟) and incorporating a range of blue hues, vividly portrays the image of the mythological beast which appears in a variety of Chinese literary works. Deftly employing balloon-twisting techniques, Hung spent 20 hours and used 500 balloons to create what he called the most time-consuming and largest piece he has ever crafted. The work will be submitted to the Qualatex Color Quest balloon contest, Hung said.

The talented student shot to fame overnight with the post, with comments pouring in expressing amazement at his balloon art skills at such a young age. Netizens exclaimed, “It’s definitely going to claim gold,” “The best I can do is making a poodle balloon,” and “Why don’t you get enrolled in the Department of Balloon Engineering?”

Another eye-catching piece found in his Facebook page of Hung’s Balloon Workshop is a figure-hugging “balloon cheongsam” dressed by a model. The award-winning artwork, also rendered in an explosion of blue colors, is Hung’s interpretation of female beauty blending old and new fashion elements through ingenious balloon-weaving art.

A balloon cheongsam (Photo/FB_Hung’s Balloon Workshop)