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Missing man found buried in central Taiwan cemetery

The man's body was found today after he disappeared from his Taichung home on Dec. 30

Police at the scene of the crime

Police at the scene of the crime (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A man who was declared missing on Jan. 2 has been found buried in a public cemetery in Nantou County (南投縣).

CNA reports on Jan. 2, a police division in Qingshui District, Taichung City (台中清水區) received a call from a woman declaring she had not seen her husband for three days. The 51-year old man, surnamed Wang, apparently disappeared on Dec. 30 and could not be reached by telephone.

His wife feared he may have been abducted after failing to meet debt obligations but said he had not received extortive phone calls prior to his disappearance.

Today (Jan. 5), Wang’s body was found buried a meter deep in Nantou County’s Ninth Public Cemetery. Police are investigating the cause of death and searching for individuals involved in the crime.

Wang worked as part of a rescue and search team. After an investigation was officially opened, Wang’s wife enlisted the help of his former coworkers, who were informed by police that the last location his phone could be tracked to was Nantou City’s Ninth Public Cemetery.

A search began in the afternoon.

The team discovered a suspicious-looking mound of dirt with no gravestone and began digging. Wang’s body was soon found buried one-meter-deep in the soil.

The body was immediately identified by family members who recognized the clothes he was wearing when he went missing. Nantou and Taichung authorities are now investigating the case.

Police say the exact sequence of events is so far unclear, but the cemetery was not the first scene of the crime, and there are signs Wang’s body had been moved. Further clarification of the situation will be given by prosecutors.