Young Taiwanese can now apply for working holiday in Luxembourg

An agreement signed by the two countries came into effect yesterday

Luxembourg City at night

Luxembourg City at night (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As of yesterday, young people in Taiwan can now apply for a year-long working holiday visa for Luxembourg.

A young person’s working holiday agreement signed by Taiwan and Luxembourg last year came into effect yesterday (Jan. 1). Online application forms are already available on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Luxembourg has opened up 40 places for 18 to 30-year-old Taiwanese nationals that wish to work in the country, and vice versa. While Taiwanese nationals can now apply for a year-long work visa in Luxembourg, nationals of the European state may apply for a 180-day residency permit in Taiwan, which can then be extended by another 180 days.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, Luxembourg is the 11th European country to sign a working holiday agreement with Taiwan after Germany, the U.K., Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic and France. Taiwan has working holiday agreements with a total of 16 countries around the world.

The ministry hopes young Taiwanese can deepen their understanding of the country’s culture and languages through travel and tourism, short-term employment or study.

Authorities also remind young people to look out for their own safety when abroad and live in accordance with local laws and regulations. The ministry encourages workers to keep in touch with friends and family to ensure a smooth and peaceful transition to life abroad.

An explanation of the application process and further information can be found on the Youth Taiwan website. Interested parties can also visit the website of the Taiwan Representative Office in Belgium and the E.U.