Video shows Kazakh man 'glad to shoot' photo of Xi Jinping

Video shows Kazakh man 'glad to shoot' Chinese President Xi Jinping's photo after human rights abuses against minorities in Xinjiang

Kazakh man firing at Xi Jinping photo. (Still from YouTube video)

Kazakh man firing at Xi Jinping photo. (Still from YouTube video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Video has surfaced of a Kazakh man "glad" to fire three shots at a portrait of Chinese President Xi Jinping in an apparent act of defiance in response to the repression of Turkic people in China's Xinjiang Province.

On Dec. 28, a Kazakh man posted a video on Facebook of his friend titled "Kazakh people glad to shoot Xi Jinping's photo," showing his compatriot clad in a dark blue, long-sleeve jacket and gray trousers firing three rounds with a shotgun at a portrait of Xi Jinping. After the third shot lands on Xi's chubby right cheek, the poster topples due to the explosive force of the shotgun shells.

The Kazakh man who posted the seven-second video, frequently posts updates about Kazakh people and their oppression by Chinese authorities in Xinjiang. He often posts information for Kazakh compatriots fleeing China about the whereabouts of their friends and relatives in the communist country, reported Liberty Times.

In the Facebook post for the video, the Kazakh man describes Xi Jinping as a "Chinese Terrorist," according to the report.

Many netizens praised the defiant act:

"More aggressive than ink-splashing." This comment refers to live streaming video posted by a woman in Shanghai in July of last year in which she splashed black ink on Xi Jinping's portrait.

"Great pleasure."

"Respect you as a man."

"Next time use an AK47."

"He looks like a dog."

"Hitler was better than Xi Jinping."

"The common people know how to pursue the facts! They will not live under the lies of the Communist Chinese bandits!"

The video was then also uploaded to YouTube on New Year's Day and can be seen below: