Taiwan fuel price to reach lowest level in 15 months

Unleaded fuel to be sold for as cheap at NT$24.5 per liter

File photo: CPC Corp. fuel station in motion

File photo: CPC Corp. fuel station in motion (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Unleaded fuel prices will fall to their lowest price in 15 months tomorrow, reported CNA.

The state-owned oil refiner, CPC Corp., said that the recommended retail price for unleaded fuel will range from NT$24.5 to NT$28 (US$0.8-0.92) per liter for various octane unleaded fuel, while diesel will sell for NT$23.2 per liter.

CPC Corp. stresses that the price at the pump is determined by each business outlet.

CPC Corp. cited stock market volatility and an interest rate hike in the United States, alongside weaker global oil prices as influencing the domestic and international oil price.

Updated : 2021-04-12 03:14 GMT+08:00