Bus passengers to swipe card twice in greater Taipei from July 2019

Taipei and New Taipei governments hope to reduce confusion and speed up service

(image from Department of Transport, Taipei City Government)

(image from Department of Transport, Taipei City Government)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Bus passengers in Taipei City and New Taipei City will be required to swipe their card when entering and exiting the bus from July 2019, reported CNA.

The measure hopes to reduce confusion for passengers, improve payment rate, and speed up services.

At present, different routes require passengers to swipe their card upon entry or exit, with some passengers required to swipe twice. These different requirements often cause confusion, and can lead to unnecessarily long stops at bus stations.

Head of the Department of Transport at the Taipei City Government, Chen Hsueh-tai (陳學台), said that the department has collaborated with their counterparts at the New Taipei City to simultaneously roll-out the new policy in July 2019.

Updated : 2021-04-14 06:20 GMT+08:00