German charged over death of 'slave' under IS rule in Iraq

BERLIN (AP) — German prosecutors have indicted a woman alleged to have belonged to the Islamic State group's "morality police" in Iraq and to have let a small girl she and her husband held as a slave die of thirst.

The suspect, a 27-year-old German identified only as Jennifer W. in line with local privacy rules, was deported from Turkey to Germany in 2016. She was arrested in June and is now charged with murder and committing a war crime.

Federal prosecutors said Friday W. patrolled parks in Fallujah and Mosul in 2015, ensuring women adhered to IS dress and behavior codes.

They said she and her husband bought a 5-year-old girl as a slave. The husband left the girl chained outdoors as punishment for wetting her mattress. W. allegedly did nothing to prevent her dying.