14 rogue Vietnamese tourists nabbed, 134 still on the run in Taiwan

14 missing Vietnamese tourists arrested, 134 still on the loose in Taiwan

4 Vietnamese women who surrendered.

4 Vietnamese women who surrendered. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Fourteen of the 152 Vietnamese tourists who went missing late last week have been arrested by authorities over the past two days, leaving 134 yet to be found, according to the National Immigration Agency (NIA).

Since news broke that 152 Vietnamese tourists had gone missing from the four tour groups they had originally arrived to Taiwan with on Tuesday, the NIA has captured eight of the travelers in Hsinchu County, Chiayi County, Changhua County, Kaohsiung County, Taoyuan County, Tainnan City, and New Taipei City.

Most recently, three Vietnamese tourists were arrested last night in by NIA agents in the New Taipei City districts of Shulin and Sanchong, reported CNA.

NIA agents on Wednesday (Dec. 26) managed to track down three of the tourists who snuck away from their hotels and arrested them in Chiayi County, Changhua County, and Hsinchu County yesterday. Yesterday (Dec 27), NIA officers arrested 11 more Vietnamese tourists in Kaohsiung, Taoyuan, and New Taipei, leaving 134 still at large.

14 rogue Vietnamese tourists nabbed, 134 still on the run in Taiwan
Four Vietnamese tourists who turned themselves in to police in Taoyuan (CNA image)

Of the 14 Vietnamese nationals apprehended thus far, five were males and nine were females, four of the latter turned themselves into police. Of those forcibly detained, 10 were arrested by NIA agents, while one was apprehended by Kaohsiung police in Tainan.

There are a total of 134 Vietnamese tourists still at large, including 93 males and 41 females.

Liao Wei-yuan (廖維元), deputy captain of the NIA's Southern Taiwan Administrative Corps, told CNA that some of the Vietnamese tourists who have been arrested have confessed that they used the false pretense of coming as tourists, when in fact they were planning to work illegally in Taiwan.

After the tourists snuck out of the Kaohsiung International Star Hotel, police from the Sanmin Precinct of the Kaohsiung Police Department coordinated with the NIA on searching all possible hiding places, such as stores, factories, and various locales in the service industry, according to CNA. Sanmin Precinct police said that two thirds of the rogue tourists are male, including some children under the age of 10, and officers concluded that many fled to central and northern Taiwan.

Updated : 2021-01-27 15:05 GMT+08:00