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Madagascar's provisional results say Rajoelina wins runoff

Madagascar's provisional results say Rajoelina wins runoff

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar (AP) — Madagascar's electoral commission has announced provisional results in the runoff presidential election, saying Andry Rajoelina received more than 55 percent of the vote while Marc Ravalomanana received more than 44 percent.

The Indian Ocean island nation's constitutional court has nine days to declare the final election results.

Just over 48 percent of voters cast their ballots in the Dec. 19 runoff between the candidates, both former heads of state and bitter rivals.

Ravalomanana has denounced what he called "massive fraud" in the runoff and earlier this week urged supporters to "defend" their votes.

The two faced off for the first time since political turmoil in 2009 forced Ravalomanana from power. Both had said they would accept the runoff election's results.

Updated : 2021-05-12 05:21 GMT+08:00