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Messy Brexit would cost Germany, says EU's Günther Oettinger

Messy Brexit would cost Germany, says EU's Günther Oettinger

Oettinger, the EU's budget commissioner, said Thursday that if Britain ended up not paying its dues into the 28-nations' coffers in 2019 under a "hard" Brexit, Germany's extra bill would amount to what he termed "in the mid-three digit range" of hundreds of millions of euros.

The former Baden-Württemberg regional state premier and conservative Christian Democrat (CDU) told newspapers of Germany's Funke media group that November's draft Brexit deal could still be adopted in Westminster.

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"It is not entirely unlikely that the British parliament will vote in January for the divorce agreement," Öttinger said. "For a disorderly Brexit or for a new referendum there is certainly no majority [in Britain]."

He was of the view that the possibility that Britain might somehow remain in the EU had increased in the previous months,

"Nevertheless, I assume that it will come to an exit at the end of March," said Oettinger.

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Updated : 2021-05-08 04:28 GMT+08:00