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Indonesian migrant worker killed in drunken dispute in central Taiwan

Indonesian male migrant worker dies after a drunken brawl in Taichung, Taiwan

Stock image of a bloody hand. (Image by Pixabay user stux)

Stock image of a bloody hand. (Image by Pixabay user stux)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An Indonesian male migrant worker died early Wednesday morning (Dec. 26) after becoming entangled in a drunken dispute with a fellow Indonesian worker in Taichung, Taiwan, reported Liberty Times.

An Indonesian migrant worker, identified as Ali (阿力), joined fellow Indonesian workers in a bout of heavy drinking in the Lishan area of Taichung's Heping District early yesterday morning. At around 3 a.m., Ali became embroiled in a heated argument with another worker.

Suddenly, Ali was struck in the back of the head by the other man with an unknown blunt object. Blood soon started to gush out of back of Ali's head near his left ear.

Three Indonesian workers then took Ali by van to Provincial Highway 7 where they left him by the side of the road, called for an ambulance, and fled the scene.

When the Lishan Fire Brigade arrived at around 5 a.m., they found a Ali covered in blood and a sheet was wrapped on his head in an attempt stop the bleeding. Ali reportedly reeked of alcohol, was barely conscious, and was constantly moaning.

Firefighters placed Ali in an ambulance, which rushed him to the Lishan Health Center, but because his injuries were too serious to be treated at the clinic, he was transported to China Medical University Hospital. However, Ali died unexpectedly on the way to the hospital.

Currently, Ali's body is being temporarily kept in the Lishan Health Center, pending examination by the Prosecutor.

According to a preliminary investigation by the Heping Precinct of the Taichung Police Department, Ali was 30 years old and had overstayed his work visa. It is suspected that he became involved in a drunken fight with another Indonesian worker after drinking heavily.

Police believe Ali was struck with an unidentified object behind his left ear, leaving a wound of about 5 centimeters in length. The three migrant workers who transported Ali by van after the incident fled the scene when firefighters arrived and have vanished without a trace.

Police have identified the suspect involved in the case and are actively pursuing him.