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Taiwan military denies China has tested S400 missile in Taiwan Strait

Japanese media had launched the report of a successful test firing

An S400 missile system being paraded on Moscow's Red Square.

An S400 missile system being paraded on Moscow's Red Square. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - The Ministry of National Defense on Wednesday afternoon strongly denied media reports originating in Japan saying that China had successfully test fired a Russian-made S400 missile in the Taiwan Strait.

The media had failed to do the proper research and had just published “fake news,” making the public feel uneasy and uncomfortable, the Liberty Times quoted the ministry as saying.

Taiwan’s military said it kept an extremely close look at Chinese military movements and operations in the area, both in the air and on land. It called on the media to check sources and information for believability, and not to report untrue information which had the potential to sow public concern.

Japan’s Kyodo news agency had reported that the S400 Triumf, which China procured from Russia in 2014, flew at a speed of 3 kilometer per second and hit its intended target in the Taiwan Strait after a flight of 250 km. There was no mention of when and which part of the area exactly the test firing had supposedly taken place.