Surveillance footage shows Vietnamese tourists ditching Kaohsiung hotels

Surveillance footage shows rogue Vietnamese tourists sneaking out of their Kaohsiung hotels


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts have surfaced showing that the 152 missing Vietnamese tourists left their hotels in Kaohsiung shortly after checking in and boarded waiting vehicles to make their getaway, reported Apple Daily.

After news broke yesterday that 152 Vietnamese tourists had suddenly abandoned the four tour groups they had been assigned to, a manhunt for their whereabouts has begun and surveillance footage has been released. A ​witness, who is an employee of the Kaohsiung International Star Hotel surnamed Chen (陳), told Apple Daily that at 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, when delivering passengers to the hotel, she saw Vietnamese passengers rushing out of the hotel door with their luggage in tow, before jumping into private cars in batches.

Chen recalled seeing over 40 Vietnamese leaving the hotel in this way. When Chen asked a nearby Vietnamese person what they were doing, they said, "They are not here to travel, they are here to run away."

This morning, officials from the Southern Administration Corps of the National Immigration Agency (NIA) said that a total of 152 Vietnamese tourists, including 102 men and 50 women, were expected to check into the Kaohsiung International Star Hotel in Sanmin District and the Delton Hotel in Yancheng District on Sunday evening. The travelers checked into the hotels at 6 p.m. and then fled from the hotels at 7 p.m., some of the tourists left their luggage in their rooms, while some of them took their luggage with them as they made their escape.

After leaving the hotel, the rogue tourists were last seen boarding minibuses and shuttle busses in successive waves, while a few boarded taxis. Currently, authorities are trying to track the missing tourists by following the movements of the vehicles they boarded.

Based on the registration data of the vehicles they entered, the owners were from all over northern, central, and southern Taiwan. Authorities suspect a snakehead or human smuggling ring is behind the scam.
Hotel lobby surveillance footage of Vietnamese tourists leaving. (CNA image)

Hotel lobby surveillance footage of Vietnamese tourists leaving. (CNA image)