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Controversial Taiwan politician announces shocking run for national legislature

Pingtung County Councilor Chiang Yueh-hui shot to fame for biting a police officer

Pingtung County Councilor Chiang Yueh-hui (Photo/Chiang's FB)

Pingtung County Councilor Chiang Yueh-hui (Photo/Chiang's FB)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On Dec. 26, a controversial Taiwanese politician Chiang Yueh-hui (蔣月惠), who was just sworn in as a County Councilor for Pingtung, announced a surprising bid to run in the January, 2020 legislative elections.

Chiang made the announcement following an appearance in court for the alleged assault of a female police officer in a high-profile case that grabbed the country’s attention. In July, Chiang reportedly bit a police officer in a headline-making clash between the police and local residents related to a case of forced eviction, reports Liberty Times.

Chiang apologized to the wounded officer, but was still charged with the offense of Obstructing an Officer in Discharging Duties. She is seeking to reach a settlement with the officer, the report said.

A self-proclaimed advocate for the disadvantaged, Chiang noted that her motivation to run for legislator is to secure government funds for the Luo Teng Yuan Association for the Physically Challenged (羅騰園殘障服務協會), which she established. She expressed confidence that she would receive more than 10,000 votes – and equated each vote with a potential NT$30 in government subsides -- in the upcoming election, wrote UDN.

Having been dubbed the female version of Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je for her straightforwardness, Chiang made headlines again when she was seen over enthusiastically throwing her arms around Ko during a public event in July. She was disgruntled about the lukewarm attitude shown by Ko, reports said.

Updated : 2021-06-16 17:00 GMT+08:00