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China has tested S400 missile in Taiwan Strait

No details available about precise date and location of the test

The S400 missile system in Russia (photo by goodvint)

The S400 missile system in Russia (photo by goodvint) (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - China recently successfully test fired a Russian-made S400 Triumf missile with the Taiwan Strait as its target, according to a report by Japanese news agency Kyodo.

If military conflict ever breaks out in the Taiwan Strait, the new missile system was likely to play a key role, the Liberty Times reported Wednesday.

It was not clear when the most recent S400 test occurred, but Kyodo reported that the missile flew at a speed of 3 kilometers per second and hit its intended target after a flight of 250 km.

When China signed the contract with Russia in 2014 to purchase the missile system, experts noted that its radius of 250 km to 400 km would be enough to cover all of Taiwan. Even if Taiwanese jets took off from the island’s east coast, China would be able to monitor them, the Liberty Times reported, adding that the Russian system allowed Beijing to pose a more thorough threat to Taiwan’s national security.

Updated : 2021-05-13 01:45 GMT+08:00