Taipei City to phase out free scooter parking

Taipei City Government announces intention to reform parking across the city


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taipei City Government announced its intention to phase out free curbside parking across the municipality, in a statement published on Dec. 24.

There is currently no set date to begin charging the public, and the Taipei City Parking Management & Development Office has been tasked to devise a plan.

The Taipei City Government said the plan intends to improve the curbside environment, promote public transport development, and to bolster parking occupancy.

The local government currently operates nine changed parking locations across the city, occupying around 10,000 parks, or 4 percent of total capacity.

Future paid parking locations will first be set up close to business districts and MRT stations, with expansion expected to take place alongside busy roads.

The Taipei City Parking Management & Development Office said that the main goal of the plan is to better manage scooter activity. As part of the planning process, consultation with the community will take place, to ensure the plan is successful.

Preliminary reports suggest parking in paid areas will cost NT$20 (US$0.65).