Taiwan Alishan Forest Railway to issue commemorative twin-railway ticket on Dec. 25

The ticket contains a depiction of Čierny Hron Forestry Railroad in Slovakia


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Alishan Forest Railway is to issue a special, twin-railway commemorative ticket on Dec. 25 to celebrate its 106th birthday, according to CNA.

The ticket contains a depiction of the Čierny Hron Forestry Railroad in Slovakia. Alishan Forest Railway representatives signed a sister relationship agreement with Slovakian delegates on Dec. 5.

Sheathed in a gray card protector, the ticket is navy blue with journey information and prices printed on one side, and a minimalistic, youthful portrayal of the Slovakian forest railway on the other. The red, white and blue design was chosen to represent the colors of both the Republic of China flag and the flag of Slovakia.

The Bureau of Cultural Heritage said that Alishan Forest Railway was first opened to transport timber for construction during Japanese occupation. The first ever train ran from Chiayi Beimen to Alishan Erwanping on Dec. 5 1912.

Čierny Hron Forestry Railroad was also initially used to transport lumber, but was first opened three years earlier in 1909. It opened for passengers between 1927 and 1962 in what was Czechoslovakia, before returning to industrial transport only.

Alishan Railway representatives said the twin commemorative ticket will be on sale at Alishan Beimen from 9:30 a.m. tomorrow. The package will include a special edition Chiayi-Beimen journey print and two single tickets.

The package is a limited edition offer, priced at NT$300 and with only 1000 available in total. Collectors are limited to 5 purchases per person.

Alishan Forest Railway has also released two commemorative stamps, available at Beimen and Fenqihu stations.