New Taipei's Danhai Light Rail malfunctions on first day of operation

A train lost electricity and stalled between Tamkang University Station and Dangjin Denggong Station around noon Monday, Dec.24

Crowds wait to board the Danhai Light Rail on the 1st day of test rides for the public

Crowds wait to board the Danhai Light Rail on the 1st day of test rides for the public (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On the first day of free test rides for the public on Dec. 24, New Taipei’s Danhai Light Rail experienced a malfunction that left the train, and passengers, stalled on the tracks for approximately 30 minutes.

Free test rides began at 6:30 a.m. Monday morning on the newest light rail in the country, the Green Mountain Line, operated by the New Taipei Metro Corporation (NTMC). However, a system anomaly at 11:46 a.m. caused the train to come to an abrupt halt on its first day of public operation.

The malfunction affected train 1032 departing Tamkang University Station (江大學站) heading towards Danjin Denggong Station (淡金鄧公站). Electric power to the train was suddenly cut, which left passengers stuck aboard the train for about 30 minutes.

Immediately following the incident, all traffic on the Danhai light rail was suspended for approximately 20 minutes. In accordance with safety protocol, the doors of the affected train automatically opened at 12:03 allowing passengers to leave the train car.

After power was restored, the NTMC sent a group of technicians and safety personnel to see that passengers of the affected train were moved to a second train and returned safely to a station, reports Liberty Times.

The NTMC says that after several checks, the system is once again functioning properly, however the Green Mountain Line has ceased offering free test rides to the public while the exact cause of the malfunction is investigated.

The NTMC will make certain that the safety of passengers is ensured before the Danhai Light Rail takes on any more public passengers. Once the investigation and any necessary modifications are made, the NTMC will announce a new start date of operations.

The 7.3km, 11-station light rail line system connects to the Taipei MRT’s Tamsui–Xinyi (Red Line) at Hongshulin Station. Every light rail train has five cars with a maximum capacity of carrying 265 passengers.

See a map of the rail line below.

Danhai Light Rail (CNA Image)