Panda receives world’s first orthodontic brace in Taiwan

Taipei Zoo’s Tuan Tuan undergoes dental surgery, fitted with protective brace

Tuan Tuan (image from Taipei Zoo).

Tuan Tuan (image from Taipei Zoo).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Widely popular giant panda at Taipei Zoo, Tuan Tuan (團團), successfully underwent oral surgery and received the world’s first orthodontic brace, reported CNA.

The surgery was performed to repair Tuan Tuan’s upper left canine on Dec. 23, after the tooth was found to be severely damaged.

Taipei Zoo spokesperson, Tsao Hsien-shao (曹先紹), said that a brace was installed over the canine to reduce risk of infection, and to allow the mouth to heal while everyday actions, like eating bamboo, can continue to take place.

Tuan Tuan’s orthodontic brace (image from Taipei Zoo).

The brace is made of a traditional dental mold and titanium, and designed to be tailor-made to the unique dietary and eating habits of giant pandas.

The surgery is the first of its kind performed on a giant panda, and is a milestone for Taiwan’s veterinary medicine professions.

Taipei Zoo medical team in action (image from Taipei Zoo).