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2 Taiwanese injured in Indonesia tsunami

Taiwanese pair suffer non-life threatening injuries fleeing tsunami

Tsunami aftermath in Carita, Indonesia

Tsunami aftermath in Carita, Indonesia (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Two Taiwanese tourists were injured during the tsunami that hit Indonesia’s Sunda Strait on the evening of Nov. 22, reported CNA.

The pair suffered non-life threatening but serious injuries, and are expected to be transferred to hospital for further treatment.

The tsunami was caused by the eruption of an island volcano, with most recent reports suggesting that 168 people were killed and over 700 injured on the islands of Java and Sumatra.

The injured pair is part of a group of eight Taiwanese tourists who fled to the mountains during the incident, where they were stranded for a breif period of time.

The injuries occurred while the group fled from the tsunami, with the pair suffering a host of injuries from falling rocks. The two also damaged their feet during the incident.

CNA reports that some other members of the tour group also received minor injuries, including one child.

The group has received medical treatment at a clinic, reports suggest.

Taiwan's representative to Indonesia, Chen Chung (陳忠), has made contact with, and sent help to the tourists.

Earlier today, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Foreign Minister, Joseph Wu (吳釗燮), has coordinated with the Ministry of Defense to ensure that the government can rapidly deploy aid, if requested by the Indonesian government.

Updated : 2021-04-23 08:20 GMT+08:00