Taiwan’s bubble tea shaker robot recognized at International Innovations Awards

The robot can make drinks like human beings do

Bubble tea shaker robot (Photo/ Taiwan Intelligent Robotics Company)

Bubble tea shaker robot (Photo/ Taiwan Intelligent Robotics Company)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A “bubble tea shaker robot” developed by Taiwan Intelligent Robotics Company (台灣智能機器人科技) has been recognized by the International Innovations Awards (IIA) 2018 taking place at the MGM in Macau on Dec. 14

The robot is capable of making bubble tea mimicking the movements of human hands while following standardized procedures of mixing ingredients to ensure consistent flavor and quality, according to Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association.

The innovation allows customers to order via mobile apps before picking up their products at tea shops, saving them the hassle of waiting in queues. The gadget also allows for better management of equipment and beverage materials for businesses as data are processed on cloud platforms. What’s best, it offers customized services with precise measurement of the ingredients to be mixed, from sugar to ice.

A success of the incorporation of automation technology with Taiwan’s bubble tea industry, the robot promises to provide solutions to businesses striving to stay relevant in the competitive handmade drink market, Taiwan Intelligent Robotics Company said.

Organized by Enterprise Asia, International Innovations Awards (IIA) 2018 saw submissions from 160 companies in 30 countries. A total of 10 of the 35 award winners hail from Taiwanese enterprises, reported Markets Insider.

(Photo/Taiwan Intelligent Robotics Company)