Preview of Taipei 101 New Year's Eve light show released

Taipei 101 New Year's Even light show features 9 themes, including pearl milk tea and chicken cutlets

Screenshot from Taipei 101 video.

Screenshot from Taipei 101 video.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As the clock ticks down to midnight to ring in 2019, Taipei 101 will not only present a spectacular fireworks show, but will also include a more ambitious light display this year featuring nine themes and familiar Taiwanese dishes.

According to the Taipei Financial Center Corp., this year's fireworks extravaganza will include 16,000 fireworks, which will run for 360 seconds, 60 seconds longer than last year. Taipei 101 has invited international experts from across disciplines to implement this year's show.

This year's animated light show will play an even larger role, will be more synchronized with the pyrotechnics, and will feature nine themes. In the first theme, "Night Market, Famous Food," images of Taiwan's famous pearl milk tea, chicken cutlets, and xiaolongbao will be displayed.

Screenshot from preview video.

Previews of the light show reveal images of workers in different professions, fish, sky lanterns, and vivid aborigine fabric patterns.

The nine themes included in the light display are as follows:

  1. "Night Market and Famous Food"
  2. "All Walks of Life"
  3. "Geographical Environment"
  4. "Medicine and Technology"
  5. "Science and Original Equipment Manufacturers"
  6. "Fruit Kingdom"
  7. "Freedom and Democracy"
  8. "Belief and Power"
  9. "Multiculturalism"

Screenshot from preview video.

Last year's fireworks show lasted six minutes and was augmented by a light display consisting of 140,000 LED lights covering the tower's exterior, beginning at the 35th floor and going all the way up to the 90th.

In addition to the fireworks and light show, a "Jazz Night Lounge Party" will be held in Taipei 101 office center from 9 p.m. Dec. 31 to 3 a.m. Jan. 1, 2019. A maximum of 1,010 guests will be able to not only enjoy the fireworks display, but also continue to party well into the night.

Of the 1,010 guests attending the party, 500 will be able to go up to the top of the viewing platform to enjoy the spectacular view of the fireworks from high above the city.

(Image from Taipei 101)

The size and length of the fireworks show has varied from year to year, with a 35 second display in 2005 to mark the grand opening of Taipei 101 and 288 second show in 2010-2011 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Republic of China.

Taipei 101 is run by the Taipei Financial Center Corp. (TFCC), of which the government holds a 44.35 percent stake.