Taipei releases posters in multiple languages warning against smuggling meat

Taipei City govt. releases multi-language posters warning against smuggling meat from countries affected by African swine fever

Poster (left). (Images from CNA and Associated Press)

Poster (left). (Images from CNA and Associated Press)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In order to better educate immigrants, foreign residents, and tourists about the steps to take to prevent the spread of African swine fever (ASF) in Taiwan, two Taipei City government agencies have worked with the Central News Agency (CNA) on creating posters in multiple languages warning of a maximum NT$1 million (US$32,000) fine for smuggling meat into the country and providing a hotline to report meat products of unknown origin.

Yesterday (Dec. 19), in order to better inform foreign spouses, migrant workers, and tourists of the ban on smuggling meat from ASF-affected countries, the Taipei City Department of Labor and the Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office coordinated with CNA on producing posters in Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, and English. The Taipei City government said that these posters are welcome to be freely shared and disseminated.

The multi-lingual posters warn that a fine of up to NT$1 million could be imposed upon those who attempt to smuggle meat products into Taiwan from ASF-infected countries, such as China, where the epidemic has spread like wildfire to 22 provinces.

The text of the poster reads as follows:

Help Prevent African Swine Fever!

Anyone that brings in meat products from an infected area (such as China) to Taiwan are subject to a maximum fine of NT$1 million.

Meat products of unknown origin should not be disposed of as garbage and should be instead reported by calling this toll-free number: 0800-039-131.

As the New Year's Eve and Lunar New Year holidays are fast approaching, many people will be flocking across the region for trips and to visit families abroad, where they will purchase gifts and souvenirs. When returning to Taiwan from overseas, it is advisable to not bring back any meat products or foods that may have meat in them.

For those who receive meat products as a gift of unknown origin during this period, the government advises them to not dispose of them in the trash, but rather call 0800-039-131 and submit the meat to specialized agencies for processing.

Vietnamese version of the poster. (CNA image)

Indonesian version of the poster. (CNA image)

Thai version of the poster. (CNA image)

English version of the poster. (CNA image)