US Border Patrol arrest two Chinese nationals illegally crossing Mexico-California border

The two men, aged 23 and 30, crossed the border in an ultra-light aircraft during the night


(AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As a dispute on immigration reform rages in the U.S., threatening to cause a partial shutdown of the U.S. government this week, two Chinese nationals have been caught illegally entering the U.S. from the Mexico border.

The two Chinese individuals allegedly used an ultra-light aircraft to cross over the California-Mexico border near Calipatria around 2 a.m. Dec. 18 (Pacific time).

One report says that the two Chinese nationals were both men, aged 30 and 23.

The ultra-light aircraft took off on return to Mexico as Border Control officials were arriving at the scene.

They were arrested along with a Mexican national, aged 36, who was waiting in a vehicle nearby. Border agents suspect he is part of a human trafficking ring operating in the area.

The Chinese nationals and the Mexican trafficker were taken to Calexico Station for further investigation.

An ultra-light aircraft similar to the one that carried the Chinese nationals is also suspected of being involved in a drug smuggling operation which border agents discovered several days earlier on Dec. 16. Officers made two arrests and confiscated 125 pounds of methamphetamine, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection press release.

LA Times reported recently on Nov. 29, that three Chinese nationals had been arrested entering California by boat from Mexico. They were arrested by the Laguna Beach Police, along with four Mexican nationals and two human traffickers waiting ashore. Three others who were onboard the boat reportedly evaded arrest.