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Chunghwa on-demand TV service in Taiwan signs agreement with Netflix

Chunghua Telecom and the Ministry of Culture hope the move will spur greater long-term investment in local film production

Chunghwa on-demand TV service in Taiwan signs agreement with Netflix

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Chunghwa Telecom’s Multimedia On Demand (CHT MOD) television service has reportedly signed an agreement with the popular online entertainment streaming service Netflix, which will make access to Netflix content even more convenient for customers in Taiwan.

The Chairman of CHT MOD, Cheng Yo (鄭優), said that the company had recently partnered with the world’s largest streaming service to provide Netflix content to CHT MOD customers in Taiwan, which currently number over 2 million, according to the UDN report.

CHT MOD hopes to make Netflix content available soon, and in the long term to promote more locally produced films and movies that can be enjoyed in Taiwan and abroad.

Taiwan’s Deputy Minister of Culture Lee Lien-chuan (李連權) also expressed optimism for the agreement and increased cooperation between Chughwa Telecom and the entertainment industry.

Lee said he hopes that Chunghwa will become a larger investor in domestic media production, and that he hopes to see the formation of an organization of film and entertainment professionals dedicated to enriching the industry in Taiwan, as well as marketing local content internationally.

The Ministry of Culture is looking forward to investing in such ventures, said Lee.

Cheng Yo expressed cautious optimism for such a national entertainment development initiative, stating that CHT MOD will focus on expanding audience reach in the short term, and focus on longer term strategic investments when the market is ready.

CHT MOD is hopeful that with the Netflix content made available, more customers for the MOD service will increase revenue, allowing for more investment in locally produced content in the years ahead, reports UDN.

Updated : 2021-10-27 23:13 GMT+08:00