New Taipei City Wulai Gorge Marathon begins to accept registration

The route winds though a region rich in negative ions and phytoncides, which are beneficial to human health


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – New Taipei City Wulai Gorge Marathon, which will take place on May 5, 2019, has begun to accept registrations for participation in the event, according to a news release posted by event organizer, New Taipei’s Tourism and Travel Department, on Tuesday.

Wulai Gorge is a well-known tourist attraction and is the only gorge landform in the world located only 20 minutes drive from a metro station, according to the release. The route winds though a scenic area with forests, gorges, and waterfalls, and is rich in negative ions and phytoncides, which are beneficial to human health; therefore, the marathon event has quickly become popular among people who enjoy engaging in running tours, the organizer said.

Another strength of the event is the low PM2.5 levels along the running route, which has been confirmed by the 0.1-0.2 µg/m3 results of PM2.5 tests conducted along the route by Taipei Medical University professor Chuang Kai-jen (莊凱任), the organizer said, adding that such results are 100 times lower than the levels at the Taan Forest Park and 200 times lower than Taiwan’s metropolitan areas.

To offer quality and comfort to all participants, the numbers of the marathon and half marathon events are capped at 1,500 and 2,000, respectively, the organizer said, urging the public to act quickly, because the registration will end once the events reach their capacities.

The distance of the route has been certified by IAAF/AIMS, and as the scenery along the route is gorgeous and there is very little traffic along the route to cause disturbance to runners, it’s the best event for half marathon finishers who are taking up the challenge of running their first full marathon, the organizer added.

For registration for the events, please visit this site.

(Photo by George Liao)

(Photo taken from 旅跑新北 Facebook page)