StarLux Airlines opens extensive recruitment in preparation for first launch by 2020

StarLux Airlines (星宇航空) is going to recruit 200 employees for various professions in the first half of 2019

image from official websites of StarLux Airlines

image from official websites of StarLux Airlines

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan's latest registered air carrier, StarLux Airlines (星宇航空), announced on Dec. 18 that it is opening an extensive recruitment for 200 vacancies in various positions.

Founded in 2016 by the former EVA Airways Chairman Chang Kuo-wei (張國煒), StarLux Airlines is stepping up to finish the essential operation teams before it inaugurates commercial flight services by 2020.

In the recruitment ads, the airline company said it was looking for 200 professionals to fill out different teams such as air cargo management, customer services, membership center, and ground services.

Additionally, the company is noticeably looking for several professionals with backgrounds in business intelligence, including BI engineer, data analyst, data engineer, customer insight analyst, and so forth.

At the moment, StarLux has 300 employees and is planning to expand its workforce to 500 in the first half of 2019 and 1000 by the end of the year. It is working to complete airport ground services, booking systems, member programs, standard airfares, before beginning ticket sales.

Regarding the salary, the airline company did not disclose specifics, but said that it would offer a relatively competitive salary.

In the earlier reports, StarLux's Chairman Chang had ordered 17 A350 series aircraft from Airbus. Meanwhile, the first round of pilot recruitment wrapped up with 20 personnel being selected and sent to the U.S. for a year-long training program starting in March 2019.

Headquartered in Neihu of Taipei City, StarLux obtained a permit of operation from Taiwan's Ministry of Transportation and Communication in April, 2018. It chose to target higher-end customers and declared Japan as the initial destination of its first launch.