Aboriginal students in southern Taiwan make invitation cards from millet and rice

A painting exhibition featuring artworks composed by students of Bunun tribe will take place on Dec. 22 in Taitung County

Bunun students and their paintings

Bunun students and their paintings (By CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In preparation for an upcoming painting exhibition, aboriginal students at an elementary school in Taiwan's eastern county of Taitung composed special invitation cards from millet and rice, and had to send them to the parents and guests.

Over the past few days, students from Bunun indigenous group, who studied at Guangyuan Elementary school, had sent several special handmade invitation cards to their parents and officials working at Taitung public departments, inviting them to participate in the school's painting exhibition. Each card was a bag of white rice and millet, with the guest's names and the direction to the venue being printed on the outside, reports CNA.

Hailing from last year, a painting exhibition featuring several artworks exclusively composed by elementary students was held by the principal Tseng Shu-yü (曾淑玉), and received abundant attention from parents and adults. As for aboriginal students, the exhibition was a great chance for them to display their artworks and earn recognition for their talents in drawing.

Following last year's success, the school continued to hold an exhibition called "Uninag mihumisag -- Painting exhibition of Bunun students", which will take place at Papago International Resort on Dec. 22. All 46 students of Guangyuan Elementary school were encouraged to submit their best paintings to the event. Additionally, teachers will select extra eight canvas to be displayed, rounding up the number of artworks to 54.

Speaking to CNA, principal Tseng said he noticed the love for arts and paintings in students when first working at the school. As the majority of the parents were farmers who were familiar with white rice and millet, it was interesting and meaningful for children to make invitation cards to their parents from cereal crops they harvested at school.

Invitation cards made from white rice and millet by Bunun students in Taitung County (source: CNA)