Taiwan to ban foreign-funded election ads

The two draft amendments aim to reduce voter manipulation

(Image courtesy of pxhere user mohamed hassan)

(Image courtesy of pxhere user mohamed hassan)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwan's Executive Yuan passed the draft amendments to two regulations recently, to ban election ads funded by other countries, either directly or indirectly, to reduce voter manipulation.

Premier William Lai said that the amendment aims to counter false information and foreign interference.

The draft amendments to the Civil Servants Election And Recall Act, as well as Presidential and Vice Presidential Election and Recall Act, forbid newspapers, magazines, radio, digital media and other digital service providers from accepting placement of election-related ads from other countries, including China, Hong Kong and Macau. The maximum fine for violations could reach up to NT$10 million (US$0.32 million).

Also, the amendments will require media outlets to list names of election-related ad buyers, sponsors and other relevant information.

Apart from disclosure of the election ads' funding source, the draft stipulates that election-related polls, forecasts, and predictions shouldn't be published from the date the Central Election Commission posts an election notice to the date of voting.

The draft amendments will be sent to the Legislature for deliberation and floor voting.