Photo of the Day: 'Manhattanhenge' in central Taiwan's Nantou City

Spectacular photo of Nantou City's version of ‘Manhattanhenge’

'Manhattanhenge' in Nantou. (Photo from

'Manhattanhenge' in Nantou. (Photo from

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A spectacular photo surfaced yesterday of Nantou's own version of the much coveted "Manhattanhenge" phenomenon.

The term "Manhattanhenge" refers to a stunning solar spectacle that occurs twice year when the setting sun or the rising sun is perfectly aligned with the east-west streets of New York's borough of Manhattan. The southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung has recently gained attention for its version of the event, with the most recent occurring on Nov. 11.

However, a new photo released from Nantou shows that Kaohsiung does not have a monopoly on the dazzling solar alignment in Taiwan. On Nov. 9 at 4 p.m. a resident of Nantou City surnamed Lin (林) captured this amazing photo from Minzu Road of the sun just before it started to set behind the city's Baguashan, reported Liberty Times.

The view was so spectacular that Nantou City's Mayor Song Huai-lin (宋懷琳) pledged that the street would be closed to traffic when the phenomenon occurs again next year to allow citizens to enjoy it. Like other cities where the solar occurrence can be witnessed, it should be possible to see it twice a year, once in early November and again in the spring, though the exact date in the spring is not yet known for the city and will require further observation.

Nantou's "Manhattanhenge." (Photo from