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Police unable to contact Taiwan terror suspect in his Taipei home

No one answers the door when police visit An Tso Sun's home in Taipei

An Tso Sun.

An Tso Sun. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After being released by prosecutors on Tuesday night (Dec. 11), when police tried to make a follow up visit today to his home in Taipei, no one answered the door, reported China Times.

When Taiwanese terror suspect An Tso “Edward” Sun (孫安佐), returned to Taiwan from the U.S. on Tuesday evening, prosecutors ordered that Sun be restricted to his residence and not travel overseas. After completing over two hours of questioning at the Prosecutor's Office that night, Sun was seen leaving in a sedan toward his home in Taipei's Beitou District, where no one has been seen entering or leaving since.

The Beitou Precinct of the Taipei Police Department today dispatched officers to Sun's Beitou residence at 4 p.m. this afternoon in hopes of establishing a communication channel with Sun and his celebrity parents Sun Peng (孫鵬) and Di Ying (狄鶯). However, after ringing the bell several times, no one answered the door and police were therefore not permitted to enter the home without a warrant.

After waiting for 10 minutes, and as media started to gather, police left the scene.

It is understood that Sun, his father, and mother are all registered residents of Beitou District. After prosecutors lift his restriction to his residence, he can stay in other areas, as long as the Prosector's Office is able to contact him if they need to summon him.

However, if he moves his household registration to another address, he must report it to the Prosecutor's Office first.