Photo of the Day: Crimson dragonfly in Taiwan

Bright red dragonfly photographed in western Taiwan's Taichung City

Crimson-colored dragonfly. (Photo by Twitter user @tiida4d)

Crimson-colored dragonfly. (Photo by Twitter user @tiida4d)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Taiwanese photographer captured this vibrant image of a red dragonfly a number of years ago in western Taiwan and posted it to Twitter on Friday (Dec. 7).

The photographer, who goes by the Twitter handle 許大頭 (Hsu Ta Tou, Big Head Hsu), says he took the photo on Mother's Day in 2012 near a bat cave in Taichung City's Taiping District.

This specimen may be an example of the red-veined Darter (Sympetrum fonscolombii), which has been observed in Taiwan by entomologists in the past. There have been 156 species of the order of Odonata, which encompasses damselflies and dragonflies, recorded in Taiwan, including the red-veined darter.

Photo by Twitter user @tiida4d.