EU Parliament calls for Taiwan's increased int'l participation, new cross-strait dialogue

The EP passed the Common Foreign and Security Policy alongside the Common Security and Defense Policy on Dec. 12

File Photo: European Parliament

File Photo: European Parliament (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The European Parliament on Dec. 12 passed a resolution for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) for the coming year, part of which emphasizes the European Union’s economic relationships and strategic interests in the Indo-Pacific.

The CFSP likewise included provisions supporting Taiwan’s increased participation in international organizations, and calling for the governments of Taiwan and China to resume cross-strait dialogue.

The resolution passed with a vote of 401 votes in favor, with 173 votes opposed, and 73 abstentions.

Emphasizing the need for dialogue to maintain peace, the EU Parliament called on all parties and states in the East Pacific and South China Sea regions to resolve disputes peacefully and to avoid unilateral action that may threaten the status quo.

In accordance with the “Report on the state of EU-China relations” released in September, the EU reiterates its position that Taiwan and China should resume official bilateral dialogue as soon as possible.

The CSFP also calls for less engagement and less reciprocity in foreign policy towards countries that violate human rights and democratic standards.

According to CNA, the CFSP resolution this year indicates a stronger interest in cross-strait affairs compared to years previous.

Tseng Ho-jen (曾厚仁), Taiwan's representative to Belgium and the EU, expressed his gratitude to the EU Parliament for voicing support for Taiwan’s increased international participation. He also thanked the various groups in Europe who continue to advocate on behalf of Taiwan, reports CNA.

The CSFP this year was passed in conjunction with the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP), which calls for the increased integration of European defense policies, moving the EU closer towards creating its own military force. The CSDP resolution passed with a vote of 376 to 215.

The resolutions broadly call for EU member states to place priority of EU policy on foreign relations and defense over interests of member nation-states. The CSFP also proposes the creation of an “EU Security Council” that would replace “the unanimity requirement with qualified majority voting,” according to KUNA.