Shanghai TAO officials return to China after visit to Taipei

Shanghai officials were in Taiwan to prepare for a Chinese delegation of 135 that will visit the capital Dec.19-Dec.21 for the Taipei-Shanghai Forum

Shanghai Taiwan Affairs Office Dir. Li Wenhui departed Taiwan, Dec. 11

Shanghai Taiwan Affairs Office Dir. Li Wenhui departed Taiwan, Dec. 11 (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On the afternoon of Dec. 11, the delegation from China’s Shanghai branch of the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) left Taipei to return to Shanghai after three days in the country preparing for the Taipei-Shanghai Forum on Dec. 20, which was announced following the nine-in-one elections last month.

The delegation, led by the director of the Shanghai TAO, Li Wenhui (李文輝), and its deputy director Li Xiaodong (李驍東), arrived in Taipei on Sunday, Dec. 9 with eight other Chinese officials .

The members of the delegation reportedly visited the following locations during their visit to Taiwan, the Taipei Co-Space (台北創新實驗室), the Zhongshan Underground Book Market (中山地下書街), Taipei Expo Park (花博公園), the Dadao-cheng historical market (大稻埕歷史街區), Xinglong public housing (興隆公共住宅), Fudekeng Environmental Restoration Park (福德坑環保復育公園), the Neihu Science and Technology Park (內湖科技園區), the Taipei Smart City offices (台北市智慧城市專案辦公室), and Shidong Market (士東市場).

Li reportedly said there were similarities between the Taipei Co-space and the Shanghai Creative Science Park (上海青年科創園區). Li was also interviewed during his trip to Shidong Market, and claimed the visit to Taipei and preparations for the Forum were “very good.”

CNA reports that Dir. Li met with Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) for about 30 minutes during their visit. A welcome dinner for the Chinese delegation has also been arranged with Ko and the Taipei host delegation on the evening of Dec. 19 at the Grand Hotel in Taipei.

The Chinese delegation coming next week will be led by Executive Vice Mayor of Shanghai Zhou Bo (周波), and will be in Taiwan from Dec. 19 through Dec. 21. The delegation will consist of about 135 people, reports CNA.

The Taipei delegation receiving them will number around 250.

Before departing from Songshan airport on the afternoon of Dec. 11, Dir. Li expressed his gratitude to the Taipei City Government for hosting him during his brief stay in Taiwan.