December is best time to enjoy autumn leaves at Wuling Farm in central Taiwan

The red foliage of maple trees in the Wuling Area is poetic and romantic

(Photo courtesy of Forestry Bureau)

(Photo courtesy of Forestry Bureau)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – December is the best time to enjoy the red leaves of maple trees at Wuling Farm (武陵農場), according to a Forestry Bureau news release on Tuesday.

Wuling Farm is located in Heping District, Taichung City, and is part of the Hsuehshan Range.

The Cijiawan River (七家灣溪), an upstream tributary of the Dajia River, flows through Wuling Farm, which is situated on the terrace to the west of the river. The dense forest lying to the north of the farm is the Wuling National Forest Recreation Area (武陵國家森林遊樂區).

The red foliage of maple trees in the Wuling Area is inspiring and romantic, and is waiting for you to enjoy, the bureau said.

The Forestry Bureau also suggested that travelers hike the 4.3-kilometer Taoshan Waterfall Hiking Trail to visit the Taoshan Waterfall at the end of the trail. The trailhead is located near the Wuling Lodge. Hikers will have to cross the Wuling Suspension Bridge to begin the walk.

Wuling Farm is also a popular place for mountaineers to stay overnight before they hike the mountains in its vicinity with a height of over 3,000 meters, including the Wuling Quadruple Mountains, Hsuehshan East Peak, Hsuehshan Main Peak, and Hsuehshan North Peak.

For more information, please visit Taiwan Forest Recreation website or call Wuling Visitor Center at (04) 25901020.

(The following photos are courtesy Forestry Bureau)

The leaves of ginkgo trees at Wuling have turned yellow

The Wuling Lodge

Taoshan Waterfall Hiking Trail

Taoshan Waterfall