Taipei City Mayor vote recount concludes with no signs of foul play

After Ko Wen-je was reelected, KMT opposition Ting Shou-chung demanded a recount, but results remain the same

Ting Shou-chung (pictured) demanded a recount after independent candidate Ko was reelected

Ting Shou-chung (pictured) demanded a recount after independent candidate Ko was reelected (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The ballot recount for Taipei City mayor ended at around 4.30 p.m. today, and there were no signs the vote had been rigged, according to a lawyer of Ko Wen-je (柯文哲).

Liberty Times reports that Ko’s lawyer, Lin Guang-yan (林光彥), said there was nothing to suggest any illegal activity had taken place, therefore the lawsuit filed by oppositional candidate Ting Shou-chung (丁守中) will prove to be invalid.

The race for the mayoral seat in Taipei became one of the most controversial affairs of last month’s nine-in-one elections. Incumbent mayor Ko Wen-je was accused of manipulating the vote by KMT candidate Ting, who lost to Ko by a razor-thin margin of just over 3000 votes.

Ting declared he would file a lawsuit to challenge the election results on Nov. 25, and a ballot recount began on Dec. 3.

Lin said he must thank the District Court, the police, lawyers, and staff and personnel involved in the recount on both sides for their hard work inspecting tickets. After over seven days recounting around 4,000 ballots, the procedure had finally come to an end, he commented.

The lawyer added that ticket inspections were carried out under directions from the court, and that the court works in tandem with and for the people of Taipei. He said so far, results indicate very little possibility of foul play.

There were accusations of “ghost votes” being added to the count in Wanhua District (萬華區), but Lin explained that to his knowledge, these were almost certainly simple calculation errors. It is up to the court to formally announce what happened with regards to this particular situation, he added.

Lin said given the huge workload election staff had to take on, it was unavoidable some small mistakes were to be made, despite their hard work. These small errors, however, have been ironed out in the recount process, and the results will simply clarify the mayoral election rather than invalidate it, he stated.

Updated : 2021-04-14 23:27 GMT+08:00