Man shot on same street in N. Taiwan father killed last year

Man wounded in drive-by shooting near location father killed last year in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Door filled with bullet holes. (Photo from Hsinchu Police)

Door filled with bullet holes. (Photo from Hsinchu Police)

TAIPEI (Taiwan New) -- A man was wounded Sunday (Dec. 9) in a drive-by shooting on the same street near the location his father had been killed last year, while his friend inadvertently led police to a large stash of Ketamine, reported UDN.

At about 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon, while a 21-year-old man surnamed Wang (王) was driving a white Mercedes-Benz sedan on Shengli Road in Hukou Township, Hsinchu County, his vehicle was shot at 10 times. Wang was struck by four of the bullets, including in his back, right thigh, and chest, however, none of the wounds were life-threatening.

According to a police investigation, as Wang was driving down Shengli road, another vehicle pulled up next to his and opened fire on the driver's side of his car. Wang was not able to avoid all of the shots and sustained four wounds.

Frightened bystanders then called the police. After the Hsinchu County Fire Department received a call about the shooting at 2:24 p.m., it immediately dispatched an ambulance to rush Wang to the hospital. Doctors found that Wang had suffered gun shot wounds to his back, lower limbs, and a bullet was lodged in his chest.

Though the injuries were serious, Wang remained conscious as paramedics treated him and he is now in stable condition. Police are currently trying to trace the movements of the shooter and have not ruled out that the possibility that the incident was tied to a dispute between rival gangs.

When police initially arrived at the scene of the shooting, they found that Wang was no longer in his car, but rather inside a house where he had fled to. They noticed the owner of the home, a man surnamed Kao (高), seemed nervous when he saw police officers.

Police officers noticed Kao had a strong smell of Ketamine on his body. After a search was carried out on his home, officers found 696 coffee bags with Ketamine inside, as well as paraphernalia for packaging of the drug, reported TVBS.

During the investigation, police also found that Wang's father fired more than 20 shots on Shengli Road on July 29 of last year, but was fatally struck by a car driven by a 43-year-old rival gangster surnamed Chung (鍾). In a chilling coincidence, police learned that the scene of Sunday's shooting was only about one to two kilometers away from the spot Wang's father was killed.

Bullet holes in Wang's car. (Photo from Hsinchu Police)