Man robs a woman, cuts her face in Taipei's Yongkang area, does it again four years later

The felon, who also went on a stabbing spree at an elementary school 28 years ago, had just served four years in prison before being released and committing a crime similar to his attack on a woman in 2014

File Photo of Taipei's Yongkang Street

File Photo of Taipei's Yongkang Street (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After four years of being imprisoned for attempted robbery and assault, for snatching a bag and cutting the face of a woman in Taipei’s Yongkang area, the felon, within days of being released from jail, has committed almost the exact same crime in the same neighborhood of Taipei.

The criminal, Hu Tong-wen (胡同文), has a history of violent acts, including a stabbing spree at an elementary school on Taipei’s Yanping North Rd. The attack happened 28 years ago, and left ten people injured, one as young as seven.

Hu had just completed four years behind bars in November, when he decided to return to Yongkang area on Nov. 25, where he committed almost the same crime for which he had just served his sentence.

On Jan. 4, 2014 Hu assaulted the wife of a famous doctor in Taipei, and stabbed her in the face with a knife during the encounter. He received a five year sentence, but was reportedly released early, according to Apple Daily.

The four years later, Nov. 25, 2018 in the same neighborhood, Hu robbed and assaulted a Malaysian woman and cut her face with a box-cutter. Hu fled without taking the woman’s belongings. She was rushed to a hospital, and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Thanks to the assistance of witnesses, Hu was caught in Xinyi district on the same day, and found to be in possession of the box cutter. He is now once again in the custody of Taipei police and has been charged once again with assault, and attempted robbery. Hu has reportedly confessed to the crime as well as stealing the box-cutter.