Runaway school bus in Hong Kong kills 2, injures 14

Runaway school bus mows down pedestrians in Hong Kong, killing 2, inuring 14

Scene of bus crash. (Weibo image)

Scene of bus crash. (Weibo image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A runaway school bus rolled down a steep road killing two and injuring 14 on a busy street in Hong Kong this afternoon, reported ETtoday.

At about 1:50 p.m. this afternoon, a school bus carrying children suddenly started to roll out of control into the junction of King’s Road and Hei Wo Street in North Point, according to Hong Kong's Apple Daily. Photos uploaded by netizens who were on the scene showed at least five people lying injured on the ground, with one trapped under the right rear wheel of the vehicle.

In the video, the bus can be seen being parked outside North Point Methodist Primary School on Cheung Hong Street. As the driver steps out of the vehicle, it appears to have forgotten to engage the parking brake, as it suddenly starts to lurch forward.

Firefighters arrive on the scene. (Weibo image)

The driver tries to hold the vehicle back, but to no avail, he then steps in front of the bus in a last ditch attempt to halt its movement, but disappears from sight as the vehicle starts to careen down the hill. The bus continued to hurtle down the street for some 15 meters, striking many pedestrians along the way, before smashing into a shop on Hei Wo Street, and finally coming to a stop.

Thus far, two people have been reported to have been killed in the accident, and 14 have been injured, six of whom critically, according to HK01. The driver of the bus is believed to be among those seriously injured.

A witness at the scene said they suddenly heard a loud bang. When they turned their head, they saw the bus hurtling toward pedestrians, with "Many people knocked down by the bus, some of whom appeared to be badly injured!"

Due to the accident, the intersection of King's Road and Hei Wo Street has been closed off, while tram services through the area have been shut down and buses are being rerouted.

Rescue workers tend to the injured. (Weibo image)

Video of the accident can be seen below: