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New 24-hour trash disposal and recycling machine being trialed in Taipei

iTrash allows citizens to recycle cans and plastic bottles at any time using their EasyCard

Citizens can access the machine with their EasyCard

Citizens can access the machine with their EasyCard (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A new 24-hour trash collection service is currently being trialed in a central Taipei district.

Thanks largely to the country’s illustrious garbage collection system, Taiwan has become a global leader in recycling, with the second highest effective recycling rate in the world.

Taking out the trash has become the bane of many a citizen’s life, however, with those working long hours well into the evening missing the truck’s daily rounds and being left with no way to dispose of household garbage.

Haoyang Environmental Co. Ltd. has come up with a solution to the problem. The company collaborated with Taipei City Department of Information Technology and the Department of Environmental Protection, Chunghwa Telecom, and Yong Gu Bianli Parking to produce iTrash—Taipei’s first smart trash collection service station.

The company installed its first 24-hour trash collection and recycling trial machine on Linyi Street (臨沂街) in Taipei’s Zhongzheng District (中正區). The service station allows for 24-hour smart trash disposal and recycling, and has so far been used by over 800 people.

Haoyang Environmental held a press conference today along with the two Taipei City Council bureaus. According to statistics, since the trial began in August, 800 people have used the service and almost 2000 kilos of trash has been recycled including 20,000 plastic bottles and 8000 cans. The company said this demonstrates the project has clearly resonated with the public.

The iTrash station includes smart garbage collection and bottle and can recycling services. Citizens need only take their EasyCard to gain access to the disposal functions.

Additionally, citizens do not need to buy special trash bags sold at convenience stores to dispose of their garbage. As long as one brings an EasyCard, the machine can be used at any time, eliminating the stress of rushing home from work to make it in time for the garbage truck.

There is an operational fee of four Yuan per half a kilogram of trash disposed, but citizens also receive service credit for recycling bottles and cans (one yuan per 10 bottles or eight cans). Recycling is calculated accumulatively, so the machine remembers how many pieces each individual has recycled, and credit rewards can be redeemed once one reaches the set amount.

New 24-hour trash disposal and recycling machine being trialed in Taipei
(CNA image)

Company president Yang Chen (楊琛) said the smart city concept is being pushed in many developed nations, but few ideas are being thrown around about the daily disposal aspect of waste management. iTrash encourages healthy trash disposal and recycling practices, he added.

While iTrash currently only recycles bottles and cans, Yang said he hopes the company can expand services in the future to include kitchen waste and other materials.

Taipei City Environmental Protection bureau chief Liu Yi-jih (劉銘龍) said new technology brings many more conveniences to daily life. The bureau will continue working with Haoyang Environmental, he commented, and allow the company to explore further fields in the future.