Mercury to drop to 14 degrees in N. Taiwan by Wednesday

Temperature to drop to 14 degrees in northern Taiwan by Wednesday

NOAA animated GIF of water vapor over NW Pacific.

NOAA animated GIF of water vapor over NW Pacific.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) has issued a heavy rain advisory for four cities and counties in northern Taiwan today and temperatures are expected to dip down as low as 14 degrees Celsius by midweek as cold air pushes southward.

As Taiwan continues to be affected by a northeast monsoon, temperatures across the country today are still relatively cool. The low temperatures today in northern Taiwan, central Taiwan, and Yilan will range between 18 and 19 degrees, while eastern and southern Taiwan will see a range of 19 to 22 degrees.

As the northeast monsoon gradually subsides, the high temperatures in northern Taiwan, Yilan, and Hualien will slowly rise to 23 to 26 degrees, while Taitung will rise to 28 to 30 degrees. Areas affected by rain or heavy cloud cover will remain cooler.

Due to the lingering affects of the northeast monsoon, the CWB at 3:25 a.m. today issued a heavy rain advisory for four counties and cities in northern Taiwan. The advisory includes mountainous areas of Taipei City, Keelung City, the northern coast and mountainous areas of New Taipei City, and Yilan County.

The CWB said that there should be less rainfall than yesterday, but there is still a possibility of brief showers in Yilan, Taipei, and Hualien. The north coast of Keelung, the mountainous areas of greater Taipei and Yilan will have more clouds and see occasional showers, while the rest of the country will see partly cloudy skies to sunny weather.

On Wednesday (Dec. 12) and Thursday (Dec. 13), strong cold air will shift southward, which will prevent high temperatures in northern Taiwan and Yilan from climbing above 20 degrees during the day. Northern Taiwan will turn wet and cold, while central and southern Taiwan will be cool in the morning and evening.

The low temperatures in central, northern, and northeast Taiwan will drop down to 14 to 16 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday, while open areas along the coast of northern Taiwan could dip down to 13 degrees. The rest of Taiwan will see lows of 16 to 18 degrees during that period.

During this cold spell, northern and eastern parts of the country will experience rainy weather, while central and southern parts will see partly cloudy to sunny skies. After Saturday, the northeast monsoon will weaken and the region will gradually warm up, but clouds will increase in northern and eastern Taiwan, with brief showers likely, while southern and central Taiwan will see partly cloudy to sunny skies.