Cloud Gate dance academy in New Taipei fined for violating law

Contravening regulations governing cram schools, the academy in Banqiao was caught enrolling students without the proper business license

(Image from Unsplash user Hal Gatewood)

(Image from Unsplash user Hal Gatewood)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s famous Cloud Gate Dance organization is being fined by the New Taipei City Government for violating regulations of the Education Bureau, and enrolling without proper licensing at one of the company's dance academies.

A Cloud Gate Dance classroom in Banqiao (雲門舞集舞蹈教室板橋館) was recently inspected on Dec. 7 based on a tip from Education Bureau, when materials for student enrollment were found on the premise without the premise being granted a license. The company was ordered to cease instruction of any classes.

Two days later, on Dec. 9, inspectors returned unannounced to find 30 students participating in a class, in violation of the enrollment regulations, and in spite of the earlier inspection.

According to CNA, the dance organization will reportedly be fined NT$250,000 (US$8,000) with a stricter deadline in light of their refusal to comply with earlier warnings.

The dance school was in violation of national regulations governing cram schools which require organizations to apply for different grades of licenses according to the size of classes to be offered.

Cram schools offering courses for more than five students at a time must apply for a specific license, which the school had not yet applied for.

The company will reportedly appeal the decision, but will be forced to apply for the new license to continue operating on the premise, reports CNA.