Taiwanese man changes name to literally mean 'Forestry Bureau Chief' for fun

A Taiwanese businessman recently changed his name to literally mean 'Forestry Bureau Chief,' just for fun

(Photo provided by '林務局長')

(Photo provided by '林務局長') (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Taiwanese businessman recently changed his name for the second time to “林務局長,” which literally means “Forestry Bureau Chief,” just for fun, according to a Central News Agency (CNA) report on Sunday.

The 64-year-old “Forestry Bureau Chief” once ran a hotel in Chiayi County and became known in the tourism industry, the report said. As his hotel was located on a lot belonging to a national forest, he became involved in a lawsuit with the country’s Forestry Bureau, CNA reported.

To vent his resentment towards the agency, he changed his name from Lin Shi-rong“林士榮” to Lin Wu-ju“林務局,” which literally meant “Forestry Bureau.”

The businessman lost the lawsuit and had to demolish the hotel in accordance with the court decision. He now runs a tourist attraction in southern Taiwan, and recently decided to visit the local household registration office and change his name to “林務局長” to literally mean “Forestry Bureau Chief.”

He said the second name change is just for fun and not intended as any kind of statement. He added that the person at the household registry office handling his case was in disbelief, but finally he was able to successfully get his new identify card bearing his new name.